The Coronavirus has forever changed our world both internally and externally. We are all affected by it in different ways. And during a time like this, our good and bad within us are both amplified. So, I see this time as an opportunity for internal growth, whatever that means for you. Whether you have mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, or relationship difficulties. Use this time to reevaluate yourself,  your life, and shift your mindset to work for you not against you.

So, how do you do this? There are four mindset shifts you need to know to go from NOT OK or OK to an A-OK state of mind. These four mindset shifts are TRUE, OKAY, PUSH, WORD. 

  1. TRUEHonesty. Take a real look at yourself in the mirror. When you look at yourself, you become aware of your whole self in all of the areas of your life (what we call the LIFE LENS): love, work, play, home, mind, body, soul, give. 
  2. OKAYAcceptance. Accept where you are and know that it is OK. It is OK to not be ok or to be just Ok. Acceptance in human psychology is the realization of where you are. 
  3. PUSH – Willingness. Have the willingness to do what it takes to go from not OK to OK to A-OK. You must take the steps to NO MATTER WHAT obstacles come in your way even if you don’t want to. 
  4. WORDCommitment. Commit to yourself and do the work. Take 30 minutes a day for just you. If you commit, you will see progress. Becoming A-OK takes time, work, focus, and awareness every day. 

The more attention you give to becoming your A-OK self, the better you will feel. Knowing who you are is key. So, don’t put yourself last. Put yourself first. Take the time for you every single day. Having these four mindset shifts will give you what it takes to take to go from NOT OK to OK to an A-OK state of mind. 

Let’s do this and FACE it till we make it. 

Dr Eris